Prince - Scandalous Sex Suite Part 2: The Passion

Come (Come) closer (Closer)
Feel what U been dyin' 4 (Put your hand on my thigh)
(Higher and higher)
Don't be afraid, baby (Even in between)
Touch it and explode (Wherever U want, it's alright)
(I don't mind, cuz U so fine)
Understand, understand that I love U (U so sensual)
Ah, but more than that - I want U (When I first saw U on the dance floor,
(I just had 2, ooh)
Everybody always told me good things come 2 those who wait (Over and over)
(Desire, U and me)
But I've got so much on the menu (Pumpin' the electric intercourse)
I just can't, I just can't, I can't wait, baby (Ooh fantasy)
I can't wait, baby (Can we please do it? Let's do it by the mirror baby)
(So I can see what I wanna see)
I can wrap my legs all around U girl (Be what I want 2 be)
Cuz sugar, U know U're just the kind of lover (I wanna suck your every emotion)
That I've been lookin' 4 (Right straight outta your mind)
2night why don't we skip all the foreplay, mama (And then wrap my legs around U, mama)
And just get down here on the floor (And then slide down here, alright? Ooh please!)

(Everything U ever dreamed of)
(Do it all and so much more)

Dear, my, my (Ooh baby)
My dearest, my dearest

Talk 2 me, pretty warm thang (Whisper)
Tell me when U come one time
Talk 2 me, pretty warm thing
It's alright, it's alright
Hold me tight, don't U stop 2night
Let's do it baby till the mornin' light
Talk 2 me, pretty warm thang
It's alright, it's alright

{repeat over CHORUS}

Baby (Baby, baby, baby, baby, baby)
Anything U ever dreamed of, baby, just ask me, I'll do, ooh
Anything at all
Spirits rise and spirits fall

Scandalous, (ooh) I'm talkin' 'bout U and me
Marvelous, baby, baby, can't U see?

Baby, baby, I love when U talk 2 me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Talk 2 me
So much I want 2 do with U honey, can't U see? (Scandalous)
So just talk 2 me, pretty warm thing (Marvelous)
Suck your electric ocean, sail your virgin sea
Baby, baby, baby, yeah don't U wanna be with me?
Everything U dreamed of
Shh, I will do

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