Prince - Hello (Fresh Dance Mix)

Hello (Hello) Hello (Hello) {x3}

I tried 2 tell them that I didn't want 2 sing
But I'd gladly write a song instead
They said OK and everything was cool
Till a camera tried 2 get in my bed (Hello)
My bed (Hello) (Hello)

I was sittin' pretty with a beautiful friend ("Oh darling")
When this man tries 2 get in the car
("Hey Prince, come on, give us a smile, eh?")
No introduction, "How've U been?"
Just - "Up yours! Smile, that's right, U're a star!" (Star)

U call 'em bodyguards but I call 'em my friends
I guess I'm used 2 havin' 'em around
And cameras by nature like rewards
That's the trouble I get when I'm Uptown

I'm not afraid 2 die cuz I know there's a better place 2 go
(Don't be afraid cuz there's a better place 2 go)
I eat what I want, whole wheat toast
(U can eat what U want, anything is cool in moderation)
And I'm happy, and that's 4 sure

We're against hungry children, our record stands tall
But there's just as much hunger here at home
We'll do what we can if y'all try 2 understand
A flower that has water will grow
And a child misunderstood will go
Hello! {x3}


Gotta he..., gotta he... he... hello!

I haven't lost my desire
I wouldn't beg U
Instead of playin' deduction of what 2 do
They called me rude often
When I called their hand
They judged me and told me that we're through
"Why can't U be like the others?"
I cried out over and again
"Why can't U learn 2 play by the rules?"
But maybe at last it's the end
Because I am not like others
I'm unique in the respect I'm not U

I know in my heart I would try 2 love U
I wouldn't try 2 hurt U despite all the ways U try 2 hurt me
U call me a fraud, an uncaring wretch
But I'm an artist and my only aim is 2 please
Between U and yours, myself and mine
Isn't life cruel enough without cruel words, cruel words?
U see, words are like shoes
They're just something 2 stand on
I wish U could be in my shoes
But they're probably so high, U'd fall off and die
4 U words are definitely not shoes
They're weapons and tools of destruction
And your time is boring unless U're putting something down
What would life be if we believed what we read
And a smile is just hiding a frown?
Come now, isn't life a little better with a pair of good shoes?

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