Prince - On the Couch

Come on, baby
Don't make me sleep on the couch
Love Jones is on the TV again, baby
Eye want to go down south, yeah

Oh come on, baby
It's undignified to sleep alone
That's what all the people that
Ain't got nobody do,
Talkin' on the telephone

Don't make me crash
Don't make me sleep
Without you're kiss
Tossin' and-a-turnin'
With every inch of me yearnin'
Don't make me, don't make me
Don't cha make me, don't cha make me
Don't cha make me suffer this

Eye know we agreed
Eye know we agreed to be married
you shouldn't have let me unzip you're dress
Why'd you do it, baby?
Confess you tease
Unless you please
Don't make me, don't make me
Sleep on the couch


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