Prince - Phone Conversation #2


Good evening, how are U this evening?

Not bad, who's this?

Um, I'm doing a survey, do U listen 2 the radio?


And do U know of Prince and N.P.G.?

Sure, Prince, Prince uh, Prince uh, eh-Rogers?
Oh yeah yeah, I know, I raised him, yeah
Wh-what about him?

Ok, um, have U heard the new single "Cream"?

Yeah, I've heard it

U, U like the song?


U don't like it?

No, I don't like anything Prince has ever done

And why is that?

Because it's 2 dang immoral, the message is the same
There's no variety
They're all, all, every song, every song he's ever
The same message, it's all sex sex sex
Sends the wrong message 2 younger people
U know, sex, drugs and limousine music
Children grow up battered
They grow up despondent, desolate and unwanted

I guess U have a personal problem then, right?

No, I don't have the personal problem
Seems like U have one if that's...

No, U do, nigga what's wrong with U?

Who, who is U, nigga?
U got a problem

What, what kind of life do U live?

I didn't call U...

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