Prince - 1+1+1 is 3 (Live)

Y'all ready 2 get some exercise?
Everybody in the balcony, on ur feet
Come on band, aye!

I need 2 talk 2 the ladies 2night
Ladies, r U in here?

If U ain't got no place 2 stay
Come on baby 'round this way
Tell ya, can I tell ya, let me tell ya, tell U how it's gonna b

There's a theocratic order
There's a theocratic order, now
There's a theocratic order, we 'bout 2 get deep, y'all!
Theocratic order, now
Come on, band!

This is how it's gonna b
If U wanna b with me
Ain't no room 4 disagreein', uh
1+1+1 is 3
Hit me, band, whoo! {x2}

Take ur time 2 think it through
If this is what U wanna do...
Wait a minute band, on the 1
Y'all ain't with me 2night
I'm talkin' about theocratic order, r U with me 2night?
Then come on, 2, 3 ah!

Take ur time and think it through
If this is what U wanna do
I ain't really that hard 2 please, no sugar (Don't believe it)
1+1+1 is 3 - hit me band, hey!

Hands up, y'all {x2}
Come on, now
Go'n Najee
Play ur horn
Turn the house lights on {x3}

Wait a minute, Najee
In the balcony {x2}
I need U 2 take me old school
U know what I want
Ooh ooh!
Come on y'all, say (Ooh ooh)
Come on, y'all, now (Ooh ooh)
Come on, now (Ooh ooh)
I can't here U, say it! (Ooh ooh)
Come on, now (Ooh ooh) {x3}
On the 1

Oh boy!
Oh, it must b Saturday night or somethin' it will, oh...
Somebody get me another suit ready
I'm about to sweat this 1 out
2, 3, come on now, whoo!

Tell me, y'all
How many y'all just came 2 dance?
Let me see U shake your pants
We don't give a duck what U got on
U just need 2 work that sexy body all night long
Hands up, y'all!

Break it down
Where them Banished Ones at?
Said they 'round the back
Don't U cut 'em no slack
I'ma tap, tap, tap
Keep this party going? (Brotha, U know that)
Lakeland, U with me?

On the 1
I know y'all crazy!
Y'all tryin' 2 make me tear up something in here I c
Say what?

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