Brady seals - Another you, another me

(F9)is it any won(C)der,(Am)i hold (F)you

so (G)tight (F9)its because were never (C)promised

(G)one (Am)more (F)day (Am)or (G)night (F9)re(G)member

(C)there will never be another (E7)you another me

another (Am)life for us to live to give each (F)other

all we give(G)(Am)(C)time goes by so fast iwant to

(E7)make each moment last i want to (Am)hold you close

to me and show (D9)all our love can be(C/E)i wont

let (F)go to easily there will never be anoth(G)er

you and me(C)

i know love can hurt us and love can make us

fly,i know i was born to love you till the day

i die believe me




im tryin to find the music to "from where im sittin"
by gary alan can anyone help

Writers: WILL JENNINGS , Troy Harold Seals

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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