Prince - Vavoom


Wit U - I can b an animal
Wit U - I can get a ride
Wit U - I don't have 2 comb my hair (Comb it)
It's true - I just let it fly (Let it fly)

Va-va-voom, va-va-voom, va-va-voom
Va-va-voom, va-va-voom, va-va-voom

(Oh, vavoom)

Let's do - like we did when I first met U (Vavoom, baby)
If it's cool - (cool, it's so cool) this time I'll come inside (Come inside)
Stop through - we can start in the swimming pool
When we through - this is gonna b the best time (A beautiful night)


Hey hey, ooh

Black balloons (vavoom) - Angel food and an urge 2 dare (Vavoom)
Hotel room - No, I don't care, no (No no)
Afternoon - 7 maids with a tale 2 share (Tale 2 share)
Va-va-voom, everybody get down - your body's spared


Wit U (va-va-voom) - I can b an animal (Va-va)
Wit U (va-va-voom) - I can get a ride
Come on get a ride baby (VA-VA)

Va-va-voom, va-va-voom

Ooh ooh

Va-va-voom, Va-Va, va-va-voom
Va-va-voom, va-va-voom, va-va-voom

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