Prince - Man in a Uniform

Oh, she said­

She said see "Man in a uniform
Tonight that's what I want you to be"
She said see "Third time this week you wore that old suit
But I don't give a damn, you see?
Cause man in a uniform do funny things to me"
And I said see "It's the Third time, but I don't mind
Cause that sister just so damn fine, ah"

Man in a uniform (Hut!)
That's what I am
Man in a uniform, uh
That's what I am

She said see "Man in a uniform
Sufferin' every stroke of my hand
From the dusk until the early morn'
You will grant this girl's demands" (Why?)
Cause she need to be drunk with pride
Wait a minute, I'm go'n tell you why
To make up, to make up­
To make up for the emptiness that she feel inside
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Come on

Man in a uniform, mama
That's what I am (Hut!)

Man in a uniform
She said ¨see "tonight (tonight)
I want your attention" ('tention)
She said see "tonight I want your violent tongue
To swallow my stench and be loyal to me
She'll never be free
Until you do me like a man in a uniform" (Hut!)

Man in a uniform (in a uniform)
That's what I am
In a uniform (Baby, baby, yeah)
That's what I am
Dirty little man in a uniform
That's what I am (Hut!)


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