Prince - Interactive (Album Version)

R U ready?

Picked up my paper 2day
Give U 1 guess what they say
Now we got 2 learn how 2 play

Another cross in need of a road
Another loop in need of a hole
Another body in need of a soul

Ain't that a bitch?

Tell me what 2 do and I'll do it
I don't care just as long as we get 2 it
Up and down, around and all through it
Baby, baby, baby, let's do it

Everything U got is so hot (Interactive)
Bend me over what choice I got (Interactive)
Neck and neck with U I am not

Ahh, hey there baby, hook me up into your box
No no, I don't need the keys 2 the lock
Call me outta of luck laughin' stock

Oh, ain't that a bitch?

(As long as we get 2 it, 2 it, 2 it)

Yeah, yeah

I work twice as hard (Interactive, interactive)
2 follow U no matter how far
2 U I'm probably worth no more than the strings on this guitar
Ain't that a bitch?


Oh, oh
1 more, 1 more

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