Prince - Segue 2

Vanessa: Hello.
Prince: Vanessa?
Vanessa: I'm not recording this time. So how are you?
Prince: How are u?
Vanessa: Fine.
Prince: Fine.
Vanessa: Excuse me, but ah, what's up with your voice?
Prince: It's a special phone, a tone box
Vanessa: A tongue box. Oh, l-like in the movie Barbarella.
Prince: Yeah. Gives me courage, u know
Like a veil I can hide behind
It talks at, around, through her
Vanessa: Ok, so why are you giving me an interview
Prince: Because I want u...
Vanessa: Pardon me?
Prince: To tell the truth
Vanessa: Oh - well, I will if you will.
For example, the first song of your opera
Prince: Ah, the opera
Vanessa: Why don't you tell me your real name.
Prince: My name is Victor
Vanessa: That is not the truth and you know it.
How old are you?
Prince: I'm into my 5th soul now so that makes me three hundred...
Vanessa: Why do you pretend to be a maze?
Prince: ... and twenty. I'm amazed at your beauty.
I saw you on television.
Vanessa: 320 hmm, don't sweat it honey, I'm too young for you. Although rumor has it that the crown princess of Cairo is now a member of the NPG.
Vanessa: Are you there?
Prince: Ahem...
Vanessa: Do you know that the princess is 16 years old? How 'bout this for a story. "320 year old robs the cradle". What a scandal.
Prince: Scandal...
Vanessa: You know, if you don't give me the real story, I'll have to make one up of my own. So why don't you tell me the truth -
the truth - the truth...

Why don't you tell me the truth?

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