Prince - I Hate U (Extended Remix)

U have just accessed the Hate Experience
Do u wish 2 change your entry?
Very well
Please enjoy your Experience

I never thought that u would be the one
After all the things that we've been through
U gave your body 2 another in the name of fun
I hope u had some baby, if not, boo hoo

It's so sad but I hate u
Like a day without sunshine
It's so bad but I hate u
Cuz U're all that's ever on my mind
Honey I hate u
Now everyday would be a waste of time
Cuz I hate u

I never thought that I could feel this way
2 fall in love was a table reserved 4 fools
Say U're sorry if u wanna but it's all in vain
I'm out the door sweet baby, that's right we're through

It's so sad but I hate u
Like a day without sunshine
It's so bad but I hate u
Cuz U're all that's ever on my mind
Honey I hate u
But everyday would be a waste of time
Cuz I hate u

This court is now in session
Would the defendant please rise
State your name 4 the court
Never mind (Billy Jack Bitch)
U're being charged with one 2 many counts of
Heartbreaking in the first degree
I don't give a damn about the others
My main concern is u and me

Your honor, may I call 2 the stand my one and only witness?
A girl that know damn well she didn't have no damn business
I know what u did, how u did it and a... who u did it with
So u might as well plead guilty cuz ya sure can't plead the 5th
Now raise your right hand
Do u swear 2 tell the whole truth
Not the half truth like u used 2 so help u God?
Nod your head 1 time, if u hear me
If u don't, I'll have 2 use the rod
Anything 2 make u see
That a.. u're gonna miss me
Yeah, u're gonna miss me

If it please the court
I'd like 2 have the defendant place her hands behind her back
So I can tie her up tight and get into the act
The act of showing her how good it used 2 be
I want it 2 be so good she falls back in love with me

Close your eyes
I'm gonna cover your ass with this sheet
And I want u 2 pump your hips like u used 2
And baby u better stay on the beat
Did u do 2 your other man the same things that u did 2 me?
Right now I hate u so much I wanna make love until u see
That it's killin' me baby, 2 be without u
Cuz all I ever wanted 2 do was 2 be with u

I hate u (I hate u)
Because I love u (Because I love u)
But I can't love u (I can't love u)
Because I hate u (I hate u)

Because I love u
I love u baby
I love u
I love u
I love u

I love u cuz U're all that's ever on my mind
I hate u because I love u

I hate U baby. More than U'll ever know.
A movie about the way I feel about U? Oh no.
Rated X and over in ten minutes, Guiness couldn't count the scenes.
With sex and violence in it.
U hurt me baby, and 4 that I hate U.

U hurt me baby, more than I could hurt myself.
I'd pay somebody 2 knock U off, but U ain't worth the wealth.
Speakin' off which, U owe me, U owe me about a million í¢â‚¬"8 or more.
Perhaps we need 2 get U down at the cornerstore.
Yeah baby, U know what time it is- body biz!

I hate U more than U'll ever know, í¢â‚¬Ëœcuz U R all that I ever want 2 show.
U R all I ever wanna show my inner thoughts 2 girl.
All the many things, all the many things.
U're the only reason I wanna sing (sing it!).
Last night U shoulda been home.
Last night baby, U shoulda been doing it all alone.
Actin' up girl, U was actin' up instead of grown.
U gave a dog a place 2 bone, and now your ass is all alone.

I hate U, I hate U baby, like a day without sunshine.
I hate U, í¢â‚¬Ëœcuz U R all that's ever on my mind.
Baby, baby, baby.
How'm I gonna get along on a lonely night.
Oh tell me girl, tell me girl.
Why didn't U keep your panties on tight?
Ask me if I care, ask me if I care?
It's so little, it's like that feather in Forrest Gump-
Floating through the airí¢â‚¬¦í¢â‚¬¦.Until the bus comes!
I hate U, can I get a transfer?

If I sound a little bitter, it's cuz, my baby.
U danced 4 a Dollar, I know he didn't make U holler.
And if he did, it wasn't like the time we did it 2 Mahler.
Don't U remember? U were my little nasty lady.
Mine, and U never felt the need 2 lay another down.
And so now I frown at the sound of your very name.
í¢â‚¬ËœCuz now, my dear, all U R 2 me is an old flame.
And when it burns out, I'll B free of the mouth, the lips.
I used 2 kiss, my baby, my nasty miss.
The 1 nobody could see, nobody but me.
Why'd U wanna leave? Was I so hard 2 please?
I hate U babyí¢â‚¬¦because I love U.

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