Prince - Dance On

Oh, pick it up!
There's a bass guitar in this

Grenade launcher roars in a television sky
Tell me how many young brothers must die

Dance on, dance on

Little Talk Johnny blew the big score
The gang nailed his feet to a wooden floor
Nuclear Ban never stays in tune
They all know the words but the music is doomed

Dance on, dance on
Pick it up
Dance on, dance on

A bass guitar in spider webs, longing for the funk
Uzi gun takes his place in a wagon trunk
(Get off me, punk, you ain't sexy)
Stealin' ladies purses then settin' them a'flame
M&M killers playin' Mickey Mouse games

Lord have mercy
Dance on, dance on (Dance on)

It's time for new education
The former rules don't apply
We need a power structure that breeds production
Instead of jacks who vandalize
Detroit what's happenin'?

What color is your money today? Get your money straight
Everybody dance on


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