D Generation - Capital Offender

I may not exist on your gold card list
But my dues are paid in full
For a couple of grand, you want to shake my hand
Tell me what are you trying to pull
You got cash, you got flash
But you ain't got the heart to bleed
You strong arm, you got charm
But who's got the blood you need?
(Just a) capital offender
I want to place in the sun
Before I'm twenty one
Maybe high in the Hollywood Hills
You want exclusive rights, to sell away my life
For a measly stack of bills
I want cash, I want flash
I want a car and a gal to match
Buy high, sell low
I might as well sell my ass
(And be the) capital offender(2x)
You're hashing out deals
On expense account meals
Trying to get me cheap
My pockets are empty you're six feet deep
Ten or four, at the liquor store
It all fell right into place
For a couple of grand
I said raise your hand
And emptied two rounds into his face
Twenty five to life
Maximum security
A poor fool, like me
I never had any future you see
(Just a) capital offender (4x)

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