Mary-Kate en Ashley Olsen - Ida Know

I've got a friend named Ida. I really like her so
Her first name is Ida. Her last name is Know.
So when I'm caught red-handed
Here's what I do:
I say "I didn't do it
It was you know who..."

Who put ketchup on the floor? Ida Know
Who put crayon o n the door? Ida Know
When your mother tells you "shame"
And you need someone to blame,
Just remember Ida's name: Ida Know

Who ate Oreos in bed? Ida Know
Hit the baby on the head? Ida Know
If there's trouble and they find it,
Smile and tell them who's behind it
Just one kid could mastermind it: Ida Know

Ida Know-
She's the one who wouldn't shush
She's the one who wouldn't flush
She's a lot of fun to play with
Wo wo wo-
It's the only way to go
Cause when you know Ida Know
There's so much you get away with

Who forgot to do her math? Ida Know
Put a goldfish in the bath? Ida Know
Stuck a finger in the strudel
Used a vacuum on the poodle
Come on, kiddo, use you noodle: Ida Know

So if you do something wrong-Ida Know
You can sing this little song-Ida Know
But if this one doesn't do
here's another one for you:
Ida Wanna-she's good, too
Ida Wanna?
Yes you do
Ida Think So
Yeah her too
Ida Thought So
She's gone to Idaho
Ida Who?
Are we through?
Ida Know

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