Eamon - My baby's lost

had the earth and the sweat
and the sticks and brew
and i knew she was feelin' me too
passed the bone gave the eye
and i knew for sure what she wanted to do
can't stop thinkin' about
my baby girl and how she done
love me so long
next thing that I think is ?
but the poison had me gone

down to and
i was with her friend
knew i was gonna pay
we was sexin' like every day
she found out
she was like no doubt
do what you gotta do
i fucked your friend
this after noon WHOOOO
My baby's lost
game at a lack
got my shit off track
had the bitch trapped
now she gone like that
My baby's lost
aint no comin' back
she's gone just like that

As the days went by
had the evil chills
then went about
my devilish ways
called her up
picked her up all we did was fuck
as we both was in the days
being blazed all the time
never ever helped
my mind was always in the sky
If i could i would
I'd take it back
cos it hurts soo much in side


(by basanaz)

Writers: Kirk Robinson , Eamon Jonathan Doyle

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group , Songtrust Ave

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