Vinnie vincent invasion - Love kills

So long since I've waited to live again. You
brought my world to an end. Love takes it's victim
and leaves it's remains. My broken heart has died
in vain. Tell me why have we foresaken the dreams
we had
The pain makes it so hard to understand, you're
a lifetime ago, but a memory away, and I'll love
you till my resurrection day.
Love kills, the fire's gone, dying embers still
remain. Love kills, and now you're gone, girl
I'll never be the same again.
Without your love, seems so dead and unreal, and
now there's nothing left to feel. Someday we'll
meet again, girl that much I know. At heaven's
gate we'll say hello.
Now I hear the wind is calling my lonely, lonely
soul. For sorrow's trembling hands please let me
go. Love's dying sin is just dust in the wind,
and I face the other side of no tomorrow.
Love kills,the fire's gone, dying embers still
remain.Love kills and now you're gone, girl,I'll
never be the same again.
Love kills and love is just a dying ember in the
rain, love kills a heart betrayed,lord, please,
please ease my pain, love kills-girl, I need
your love. Love kills with all it's heart.


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