Killer mike - A.d.i.d.a.s. (feat. big boi & sleepy brown)

Pussy nigga whatcha doin!
All day I dream about, all day I dream about
All day I dream about sex
It's the way you move your sexy groove
That's got my mind all over you
All day I dream about, all day I dream about
Your sex feels so savoifare
I'm tired of jacking off cause your not there

Big Boi
65' Chevrolet Impala peachy cream
Oozing down the street like toothpaste
Cause the ivory is clean
Talkin' bout mean at the inseam of the ship
Not a honey dip to hunch on, testes more blue than a Crip
Or the blue man group caught that on the Vegas strip
Chillin' with good game, Ju Ju, Pimpin Ken and my nigga Don Magic
Pimpin Ken and my nigga Diamond Jit
Pimps (pimps), lips (lips), legs (legs), arms (arms),
Necks (necks), hips (hips), head (head) monk test
It's the camel toe and that's fo' sho'
My brain is on one track
Like Marion Berry thoughts for crack
Or like a rock star does for smack.
None of that but the female genitalia's where its at
I'm a man and I demand a woman for that act
Personal preference plus I use the law of nature as a reference
Now I don't ever recall seeing a man turn up pregnant, but that's just me
Feminine fantasies frolic freely in my cockpit
Every thirty something seconds I can't stop it


Killer Mike
Killer Kill from Adamsville and in my Bonneville I chill
Heifers call me Black & Decker, I don't screw them hoes I drill
I've been cuttin' cute lil' coochies since before the record deal
Catch me daydreaming about them, thick, medium or slim
Doctors call that thing vagina, in the hood we call it trim
White boys call it snatch, Puerto Ricans call it chocha
Nathaniel likes his white, I like mines dark as cola
It's the first thing on my mind in the morn when I roll over
All men young and old in the end its what we're after
Even my grandpappy's happy. He got prescribed Viagra.
(Granddaddy, granddaddy, what's up? what's up? It's me.
Hey, let me get about three of them blue diamonds.
I promise I gotcha back tomorrow)


Killer Mike
When I drill I don't spill even if she's on the pill
Keep my weapon covered concealed and in a shield
Cause I don't need that A.I.D.S.
A "D" and a "A" missing out my A.D.I.D.A.S. (plus)
We don't need no DNA mixing between us
We just need to keep this thing friendly and hush, hush
On the down low, like R. Kelly and youngsters
But over eighteen only cause I'm no perv!
From the tour bus to the lobby, elevator to the room
We can jump each other's bones but there's no jumping brooms!

Big Boi
Buffoon you are to consumed in the womb
It is too early for you to jump the broom (boom!)


Verse One
I'm an ungodly figure
When in the company of hard liquor
Texas niggaz turned me on to water
I smoked the river
Apocalyptic creature, stay lacing reefer
Stay serving geekers, stay holding heaters
Murder fanatic, killer fantastic
Swerving semi-conscious with a half a blunt and an automatic
Bought it to snort it, just in case I meet with static
What I deliver to your address is dead tragic
Your mother scream in that limousine
Followed by some slow traffic
Here's the reason for my murder tactics
I'm Killer Kill I ain't a fuckin rapper! I'm a crack sacker!
I'm a strong-armed robbery and kidnapper!
I'm a carjacker! I'm a if you owe dough then yo' ho snatcher!
I'm a Slumlord for life not a fuckin actor!
I'm the fear that haunts you! I'm the tool that's used to haunt you!

I'm the monster! I'm your sick and twisted monster!

Verse Two
I'm the hate in the dark heart of heartless men!
Deprived of love, feed crack, nurtured in sin!
I'm unwanted children doped up on Ritalin by age ten
At sixteen a fiend! Nurturing a weed habit and a bottle of gin
I'm the soul of women that's been betrayed by men
That trifling nigga looking to deceive her again
Earn her trust again, then I lust again
When she turn her back, I'm diggin in her friend again!
I motivate your hate and embody your sin
I spit it for Bloods, Crips and Mexicans
I spit for Disciples and El Rukns
This sick soundtrack to robbing and looting
Neighbor shootings, murder and boosting
Its fear engaged, with a fury and rage
For my lost generation in these last days
The fear that haunts you! It's the tool that's used to hunt you!

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