K camp - Weekend


Make up yo mind baby
Make up yo mind baby
You don't fuck with me for whatever reason ok that's fine baby
I ain't never been with the back and forth shit
Young nigga holding weight like a forklift
These hoes don't know I pop shit
Bandana on feeling like Pac bitch
These hoes don't know no better
Spudd get the picture this four door weather
Yea I like the coupe but the fou' door better
Hit Louie V I might blow more cheddar
Come on baby you need me
Spent twenty K for the VV's
Somebody please call RiRi
Can I see the pussy in 3D?
Shawty what you doing on the weekend?
Wondering if I can sneak in?
You know I'm good with the creepin'
These niggas tweakin'
You the realist bitch breathin'
Most of these hoes reachin'
But you already knew that
I'm curious on how you do that
Eyes on you when you move that
These niggas too wack
For real
Let's get back to the shit
Catch me watching power with your bitch
You know I got power on your bitch
Fuck you for an hour that's it
Hop in the shower then dip
Gotta make it quick
Gotta get back to the c-notes
Niggas on my channel like Vivo
Boy tryna get paid in full like Rico
Shawty bad news A.K.A just a cheap hoe
Please tell SZA she can come see me
You know I got Love Galore on repeat
First class when you said I took yo seat
I was staring at you like "Damn that's me"
I was staring at you like "Damn you lit"
Looking like a queen that don't take no shit
Might just fly to the west real quick
Shawty what you mean?
You deserve this dick

Ha, wait! Just fuckin' with you shawty
Nah for real

Writers: Christopher Campbell


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