Cee-lo green - Redbone

Come on, baby, come on over
Just throw something on
Don't worry about your hair or makeup
Come home, I'm about to set myself on fire
Say yes, let your body do the talking
Say less, I taste you in my mouth, every so often
Baby, I'm strong enough to lift you up high

Pull up, pull up on it
Tell me that you want it
Said pull up, pull up on it
It's so much warmer inside

It was a journey to the heart of you
But I'm glad I finally found it, yeah
And baby we got to go through it
Because ain't no way around it
Then she cuts me off with a kiss
Love's got nothing to do with this
Just the heat of the moment
Reminds you of something I should miss
Ooh, there's not much to explain, no
This big nigga just off the chain, woah
Why every women I invested in
I make sure she gets the best of him
You'll never hear her complain, so

Pull up
Pull up on it
Tell me
That you want it
Said pull up
Pull up on it
It's so much warmer inside

Writers: Ludwig Emil Tomas Goransson, George Clinton, Donald McKinley Glover, William Earl Collins

Lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc., A SIDE MUSIC LLC D/B/A MODERN WORKS MUSIC PUBLISHING

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