Busy signal - Everybody moves

Everybody fi a bounce
Everybody fi a move
Mi si old, mi si young
In a dancing too
Everybody to the group
Stepping out, stepping out
Wi a winner can't lose
Stepping out, stepping out

People know mi clean any time mi come out
Mi thing dem different, mi style can't run out
A no nothing regular, this can't burn out
A dead in a yo area, hotter than the sun out
Move to the music, move to the music
Tun it up, up, up, 'til yo lose it
Never confuse, abuse or refuse it
No reggae, dancehall, different genre mi fuse it
So mi si the young and the old dem a lose control
And a music bring the joy to dem soul
Watch mi tun it up, tun it up
So wi roll, just listen keen to how the story unfold

So when we, touch the road, touch the road
Dem no bad as wi, fresher than Fresh Prince
Badder than Bill Cosby
Si dem a run up and down like a annnancy
Can't keep a good man down like Kolonji
Hey, mi head a blaze like fire now
And mi have style fi spare like tire now
Blaze the grades, bun it up to the sky yah now
In a mi ears music a whisper yah now

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