Ilse De Lange - I'm not so tough

I can almost read your mind, it's runnin' fast,
Out of control
You're afraid of what you'll find,
If you get too close
You imagine I don't care,
You see walls that just aren't there
You think I'm too strong to let you in
Well that's just not fair


I'm not so tough,
I'll call you bluff
And let you see a side of me
That wants you near and cries real tears
And needs someone to love
I'm not so tough

I know that you've been hurt before
Well so have I,
What can we do?
That doesn't mean you close the door
So stop blamin' me,
I don't blame you
I'm not some ghost from your past
The one who tore your heart in half
I'm not her, it's not my fault you're holding on to that

Repeat Chorus (3x)

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