Ilse De Lange - All the answers

When I call you in the morning
I tell you everything's alright
I can't see into the future and
I don't see the danger in the night
When I hear the sirene wailing
I see the flashing of the light
I know that there is trouble
And there are battles yet to fight

Cause I may not have all the answers (No)
I wouldn't have it any other way

There's an innerpeace I'm seaking
There's a lightness in my soul
And everytime I think I found it
I want to touch it, feel it, hold

And the day that I stop asking
Will be the day I'll say goodbye
The world will not be safer
But there's no truth without the lie


I've asked the good Lord Jesus
I'm asking Allah too
I tried the great God Buddah
And now I'm asking you


When your deep in troubled water
You've got to fight for every breath
And you feel you're getting weaker
You're facing life you're facing death

If you have a God to turn to
Don't turn the other way
Or a friend that you can call on
Just a prayer that you can say


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