Fleetwood mac - Miranda

At the end of the day the end of the light
She keeps the remains of all her foes
Miranda is dying wiht all he might
She never comes she always goes
She sticks the camera right into her arm
Anything to forget what the trouble's about
It causes her pain that's part of the charm
She's down for the count then finally out

Miranda is taking the stars down a little something to call her own
But the lion still rules Miranda and Miranda is always alone

She says her face in another magazine
And the walls all close in as the fancy takes flight
Can't stand to be loved but she loves to be seen
She slips down headlong into the night


And thena ll at once the sun starts to rise
She sees her father holding her down
Oh the daylight is poison to her eyes
She slips down the shade and lets herself down


The light shines down the marina all across her safety zone
But the lonliness follows Miranda and Miranda is always alone

Writers: Lindsey Buckingham

Lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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