Rihanna - Should we

Oooooh 4x

Hmmm let me rewind

Take me right back to a time,
when you were kinda of mine,
gave me good loving all your time.
Did we put a pin on it,
or lose track of time that we spent on it.
or did we just spin on it,
cycles and circles but we never quit.

Where does this leave us,
Living like this will forever lead us.
Without you, I will not be okey learn to love another on another day.
Will it be the same,
if I came back would you change my name.
But if you put s ring on it,
Honestly I don't know if i'll commit.

Should we go back,
Is what your telling me,
When you look at me.
(should we go back)
When you kissing baby should we.
(should we go back).
Would you hold me down
(should we go back)
would you hold me down or would you slow me down.
Slow me downnnnnnn.
Would you slow me downnnn
If we rewind 7x
Oh rewind 14x
( I wish we could go back and be together).
Oh rewind 7x
(i wish we could go back and be together).
Oh we can rewind 7x
(i wish we could be back can we do it). 2x

We can't walk away aah,
no we can't walk away.
oooh hey
i wish we could go back.
Can we do that again.
(are you still gonna love me).
I wish we could
(tell me you need me aah) ooooooohh.

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