Trijntje Oosterhuis - I don't miss you

I can't believe this is your true face
And all of these years have been a waste
You are crazy
How can this be, God only knows
I should have left your ass long time ago
You are crazy.. You've gone crazy

You zipped up your suitecase
And walked out the door
How can this be you don't love me no more
In front of the children
Man where is your heart
The look on their faces just tears me apart
Your soul is gone

Once a great love, now it's all gone
Without a warning,
Your tear down this home
You've gone crazy.. Oh you're crazy

I've had my cards on the table
I always been true
You're eyes are so cold
Where's the man I once knew
And on your way out even took all I had
I can't understand why you'd do me like that
Your soul is gone

What you've done and what you do
There will be no tears from me anymore
I wasted them a long time ago
Just remember that I've closed that door
Your soul is gone

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