B-Brave - All I need is you

Don't be scared. All I need is you, you (oow, you)
In the dark I am the light, all I need is you, you (oow you)
You let me see the point of living. I won't escape.
You let me see the beauty, You let me see the way.
Shine like a star, life full of love.
I love the music in your heart... (your heart)
The only place I wanna be.
(wanna be, wanna be, wanna be)

Don't let a lover become a hater.
Your crushes turned to haters.
The war in your heart is started,
didn't do what anyone told you.
It's one big mess in your mind.
So many times, love made you blind...
Don't stand on your own, if you let me
I can be your hero, I can be your lifesaver,
your peacemaker, your love...


There is no perfect and all those dreams
of a perfect life is waisted time
those nightmares gave you fears,
only love in the future is not right.
You will never regret those nights.
It was the only thing that keep you alive...
Fear changed you, but I hope
You'll love me with all your heart.
I'm just a fool, because I love you.


You're the angel from heaven,
the girl of my dreams...
When our eyes meet
Music fills my mind and I'm dancing
on the rhythm of your heartbeat till your heart stops.

Past is the past, the future isn't sure.
So why don't you turn the page?
Why don't you let it go?
You can't stay at one place.
Take my hand, when it's dark,
I will be your star, your moon,
I will be your light...

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