Brainpower - Play Happy

## Brainpower - Play Happy ##

~Yo, I had to write this down~

Every certainty has certainly, turned into a maybe
I'm myself, but I don't seem to be the same me
I always follow my heart, but now a part's lost
It needs direction, but not imperfections caused

I feel so not in place, though I belong on tracks
My friends bring the kids, and wives'll bring my songs and tracks
The bond with former partners seem darn feeble

Don't bullshit, come on
Talk to me, like Don Cheadle
Broken many times
Still, my soul's wishing
My heart's the new improved, glued back together edition

I'll say something positive
To keep my song snappy
Stay strong 'nd keep your head up
But I can't; Play Happy
...Play Happy

My lady's gone, looking for a brighter day
She got a new man right away, who is twice her age

Despite my rage, I try to keep my calm
Awake at night, inside ringing inner alarms
Am I depressed for real? Is this crazy to think?
Who can I turn to, mom? I think maybe a shrink

Life and people can switch on you, it's the same thing
Peace escape my soul, now it's a pain thing
All these hurtin' man, it's getting my song stressed
I check my man for advice, but he is long passed, I mis 'em
I wonder how his fam is doing
And I don't write a lot, I wonder how my pen is doing

No matter what, I would never get wrong with any dream
Better persue with the letters are clear, but the banner is ruined

I'll say something positive
To keep my song snappy
Stay strong 'nd keep your head up
But I can't; Play Happy
...Play Happy

~Can't play, can't; Play Happy~

Not a man of many faces, don't like phony fun
Many emotions run, the mask I wear is only one
Can't play, if you're feeling less than equal
Day-to-day struggle, worldwide working-class people

And if you know you're active
But still got no perspective
Hopelessness the sole objective
Fate is so selective

~You wanna fly~

Life's got you sitting in seats
The only thing worse than being beat, is admitting defeat
But then you have to lose, in order to win
You have to be bruised and cry, in order to grin

So to whomever who, please believe in you
Believe me, accepting truth, can be relieving too
And I believe, you too, do have a voice inside
That's talking from your spirit
And it employs to write

Way to follow through, on any path of life
Man, I should say this to me, so I can be alright
~.. .. .. ..~ deep inside,
eager to stop these inner demons and fights and see the light

Let the negative go and keep the song snappy
Stay strong, come on
even if you, you can't; Play Happy
...Play Happy
...Play Happy
...Play Happy
...~Play Happy, Happy~

Even if you can't Play Happy
You've gotta find a way.

### Brainpower - Play Happy ###
#### Album: Determination ####
## Released op 30 januari 2015 ##

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