Turning pages - Sleeping at last

i've waited a hundred years
but i'd wait a million more
for you

nothing perpared me for, the privilege of being yours a do
if i had only felt the warmth within your touch

if i had only seen how you smile when you blush

or how you curl your lip when you concentrate enough
i would have know what i was living for al along

what i've been living for

your love is my turning page only the sweetest words remain

every kiss is a cursive line
every touch is a redefining phrase

i surrender who i've been for who you are
nothing makes my stronger than your fragile heart

if i had only felt hou it feels to be yours iwould have know what i've been liviing for all along

what if been living for

we're tethered to the story we must tell
when i saw you wel i knew we'd tell it well

with the whisper, we will tame the vicious scenes
like a feaher ...
bringing kingdoms to their knees

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