Qeaux qeaux joans - Intuition

I’m waking up
In a basement
Feel it aching
It’s frustrating that I cannot seem to stop
The games in the back of my mind
But I’m tired of the crying ‘cause I keep beating myself up
I’m beating myself up

Stuck inside this spider web
Deception is what keeps me here
Can’t trust my own thoughts

I found myself
On the doorstep
Of this place where
I have sworn myself never again to hide back in
Close my eyes for what I’m feeling, what I stand for and deny what I believe in
Deny what I believe in

And after I follow all the rules that I was taught by you to live by
Now I’m lost
I need to follow all the rules that I have learned in life
And I won’t give up
Why did I let you come on in
Trusted you with my intuition
That has resolved in a compass so broke
Now I’m going to turn up
The volume of this intelligent heart
The whispers now soft
Soon louder and strong

Soon louder and strong

I am waking up

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