Destiny's child - Amazing grace

This is for you Ms. Ann, who is now
With our Heavenly Father, who made the real commandments
Amazing gra-hey-hey-ace
How sweet (how sweet, sweet)
The sound (the sound) Sound
(That saved) Saved
(Saved a wretch) a wretch
(Oh ho like me) Me, me me
(I once) Was lost (lost)
Lost, lost (lost)
(But now) But now I'm found
(What you say girl?) But now I'm found
(They still can't feel you) But now I'm found
Was blind, but now I see Oooh...
(ooh whoa, oh ho hooo..... so amazing)
Twas grace have taught
My heart to fear
And that grace my fears relieved (My fears relieved, my fears relieved)
(How precious did... that grace)
That grace appear
In the hour, (thank you lord) I first believed in you Lord

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