Justin Bieber - Girls are so hot ( J. Bieber rap)

ATL, baby, is where i resign,
I'm a young white rapper, and i don't get high.
Teenage girls, is what i really like,
And i'm still a young boy, but i'm still so fly.
Yeah, you see my smile, caught it on the camera.
Drink a Red Bull, grew wings, see the stamina.
Shoutout to my boys, yeah they up there in Canada;
I used to live there, till i moved to Atlanta;

Where the girls are so hot, yeah the girls are fine too,
Catchin' Bieber Fever, forget the Swine Flu.
Can I be the one to take you 'round town?
Be the one ya call when ya feeling so down.
I can be ya man, you can be my crown.
Yeah, I'm J.Bieber; first name, last name.
J.Bieber, checkin' on the past lane.
I'm J.Bieber, I'm always in the fast lane

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