I.am.g - Social media


I'm 'bout to snap back like a snapback (g'yeah)
Fuck your Facebook and your Snapchat (fuck it)
You better back, back with that wack rap (yeah)
You ain't gangster, bitch, 'cause I am that (I am)
Tired of y'all with these half acts (I am)
Every beat I do, a nigga smash that (I do)
I post a song and y'all pass that (I do)
All you rappers here, your hoes passed wack (y'all are)
You got no drive and y'all lack that (g'yeah)
If you a trapper bitch where your trap at? (Where it's at?)
Kept quiet and just sat back (shh)
I let you kill yourself while I set traps (I did)
Cocked back and I pat pat (pow)
Duck off and take cat naps (I do)
Take every thing in your knapsack (yeah)
They don't mention me but I am rap (I am)
I'm sick and tired of this nice shit (I'm tired)
Nigga being gangster 'hind mics, bitch (they are)
Just all talk but won't fight, bitch (just all talk)
Young MAs with that dyke shit (g'yeah)
Gun on me and a knife, bitch
I got a fast left and my right quick (pow-pow)
Finger fuck your bitch with the ice pick (I will)
Leave a broke nose and a sliced lip (pow)
I'on give a fuck 'bout no likes, bitch (I don't)
They ain't your friend, they just hype shit (they ain't)
Got a nice ass and some nice tits (she do)
Never fucked a ho, but I might bitch (I might)
Facebook, she post nice pics (they do)
Thirsty niggas just like shit (they do)
Pillow talk to the right bitch
And that'll get a nigga whole life flipped (yeah)
See I'm sick and tired of these posts (I am)
Stealing memes and stealing these quotes (what)
Niggas do anything for these hoes (they do)
But won't do anything for no dough (they won't)
Niggas will backstab they own bro (they throw)
Throw a lil' shade at your own folks (at ya folks)
All this hate shit and it show (it show)
All y'all fake, bitch, and I know (I know)
See grown men that be whining (be whining)
See grown men that's not trying (not trying)
See grown men that be lying (lying)
Then they turn around and start crying (crying)
Better move, bitch, with that ho shit (move)
Comment but don't know shit (They don't)
Old nosey-ass, old broke-bitch (broke ass)
He did you wrong, okay so, bitch (okay)
See you the blame 'cause you chose dick (you to blame)
Get mad then expose shit (why)
Did you feel better when you post it? (Do ya?)
But don't ignore the fact that you a ho, bitch (you a ho, bitch)
You burning, bitch, and you know it (you know it)
He burning too and y'all both sick (he do)
I know it's hard to deal and try to cope with (he know it)
But that's the type shit that'll get your throat slit (g'yeah)
Nasty bitch, trash bitch (g'yeah)
You a fine ho, but I'll pass, bitch (I'll pass)
Got STDs and they'll pass it (they do)
That's what you get when you don't ask shit
I'm skeptical, I'll ask quick (I ask)
Don't care if you get mad, bitch (bitch, you got something)
Don't give a fuck if you bad bitch (I don't care)
'Cause a bad bitch can have shit (they can)
Fuckin' baby mamas,they brag about it (g'yeah)
How you expect me not to be mad about it? (G'yeah)
Got me frustrated and agged about it (I am)
Plus he a lame, the sad thang about it
Niggas switching up on that challenge shit (they are)
Participating in that faggot shit (faggots)
Bitches claim to be savages (they do)
But that won't erase all the damages (it won't)
Homeboys fuckin' homeboys (damn)
And your bitch fuckin' your own boy (they do)
Older women, get your own boy (go on)
You better gone, bitch and leave me alone, boy (yes sir)
If I act up you gettin' snatched up (g'yeah)
You get you moms fucked and your dad touched (g'yeah)
G shit, no actors (g'yeah)
No hand outs so don't ask us (don't ask)
If we in shit then you in shit (g'yeah)
All men dogs what that mean, bitch? (Huh)
Try not to say what I seen, bitch (I don't)
But y'all quick to fuck the whole team, bitch (y'all do)
They say you are what you eat, bitch (you are)
I'on pillow talk and I'on sneak diss (I don't)
I'on waste my time on no weak bitch (I don't)
And I'on pay for nothing that's free bitch
And that's you (g'yeah)

Writers: I.AM.G , Martin Adam Leo


Lyrics licensed by LyricFind