Ka - Rockstar mantra

Uh uh uh, uh uh
Bitch I'm in the paint and I pass her like I'm Stockton
My patna rolling dank, we out all night till the sun up
In a wide body, a tank, we up in a fucking tonka
Yes I'm rocking all black bitch this shit just look like DONDA
Tryna duck away from all these people, nigga like Madonna
If I wanna hit that bitch I gotta text that hoe mañana
Please don't let me deceive you, baby I don't need you
It's getting cold like a freeze, ooh
Waxed denims on no Evisu
In a purple dream call it Frieza
Got the Gosha with Adidas
Bitch I'm smoking fye, yes some demon
Boutta multiply all them Franklins
"Get it in and gone" that's my mantra
Yo lil bitch wanna be my sponsor
Ima keep on going like Toyota
Want bad bitches from Tokyoto
Going super saiyan like I'm Goku
How yoh know my name if I don't know you
Yo lil bitch turned on like roku
Chef it up like we up at nobu
Never trust a bitch that shit so-so
My patna told me it's time to float now
We get them bands and then we boutta get rid of it
They stole the sauce so I had to go and switch it up
Rocking earth tones I could never drift away
Hate when I gotta come to the city
Baby you can smell that shit it's number nine
You not gone be the one that I'm gone wine and dine
But baby you can go and be my one and done
We walking in we hotter than the fucking sun
And my brada walked in with his fucking gun
Since the age of 8 knew I was the one
I ain't got no cape I ain't saving none
Like planet of the apes this shit going up
Never going down a nigga going up
All hard work nigga never luck
Man these niggas pockets bout to shrivel up
I been seeing green like the Riddler
I just pulled up with four hoes nigga
But they not for me, they for the bros
Cause fuck these hoes nigga
Pull up to a party yeah you know a nigga fucked up
Sipping on this drank got a nigga bout to fall in love
Why does this Bacardi got me feelin like a lover
And my bitch mad cause I really just don't trust her
Just don't trust her why
I don't trust no bitch they just lie
Why the fuck these hoes just lie
She want the money yeah she want the cash
She want the hunnids yeah she want the bag
She want the Fendi and she want it bad
Baby come run up this bag
Baby come shake that ass on
Baby come rake this cash up
Baby just pour me a glass up
Pour it up
But with all this money how the fuck I'm gonna trust her
Got religions on my ass, how the fuck I'm butt hurt?
Smokin on this gas got me feeling like I'm one with earth
Shawty gave me top now I'm in a different universe

Writers: Matthew Smith , Dejuante Jackson

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