Ka - Keep goin (feat. troublekid & nando nate)

I don't know girl I just keep going
Feel like I just need to be reborn
Problems I hope one day we see through it
I been having dreams like we touring
But I don't understand how we do it
Like baby what we doing
And baby put your pride aside tonight girl let it go
And I done been and seen some places you can go
Girl it's a new vibe
Girl it's a new life
And once I say it once girl I ain't ever gonna say it
And we only got one life girl yeah I hope you been praying
If I pour you up a drink is you gonna feel what I'm saying
When did we fall off
We used to love each other baby
Living without you driving me so crazy
Yeah, yeah
I miss
When your name popped up all day in my phone
I miss
When you would just call and tell me you home alone
I wish
Things was different between me and you
Let me
Call you up and see what I can do
Lemme fix the shit I said i'd do
I'm tryna cop a house for me and you
Made a picture in me casa
I'm too proper
Napkins on the table
Gold forks and good lobster
Shawty know I been a monster
In the past I used to argue then patch it like doctors
I seem to learn from my mistakes whenever they pop up
I done fell a couple times I'm happy I got up
I been looking at the sky and I know that they got us
I'm that nigga, been that nigga no need to be modest
I like to talk about success but they changing the topic
Stop it
You frustrated
Need to just drop it
They way she hop up out the whip
You know that she popping
It be hard to see her walk without looking and stopping
Sometimes it really make my day to see them panties dropping
And if I nut round 2 just know I ain't stopping
I'm in that pussy bitch I'm Kodak bopping
I'm in my element
Like to talk my shit just for the hell of it
The hoes gonna say they love me in this bed if it's them telling it
I love you

Writers: Matthew Smith , NATHAN JOHNSON , Raymone Simpkins

Lyrics © DistroKid

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