Ka - On my way interlude

Babe I'm on my
Text me and I'm on my way
Draining all my funds today
Heartless with no soul
Damn I think she from LA
And her friends all cold
Damn I think they from the Bay
Tell them lil hoes come thru
Open up a bottle today
Oh you been so good too
Can y'all ride me today?
All day
Throw that ass all to me
Baby I want you all to me
Yeah I'm falling like the autumn leaves
No, no, no
I don't want your love anymore
All of my feelings come out with liquor
Don't hit me up baby, I'm not looking for it
Don't call my phone, it's not gonna work
But you know with one call (One call, I'll be)
I'll be on my way

Writers: Matthew Smith

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