D-a-d - New flow (acoustic cello version)

Sippin' my wine, checking the time
Time is such a construct
Lately I've been so stuck
Tryna dig out my rut
Im just tryna figure me out
Discover the me route
I done tried every other path but that just don't make me feel free now
They tell me there's more to living life than if Im just living for me now
The only regrets I have are those that did not become from me wow
Best thing I can do is start a new flow
Alley oop tho
Playing in the matrix while I'm looking for the loop hole
Peering thru mirages tryna figure who is who though
Everybody shook so
Everyone gon' spook though
Put that on my
Always with the shit though
Put that on my
Never will forget though
Put that on the dead homies, still here homies
Head hunting always there for me
Bout they bread only
Never scared, on me
But I'm just sipping my whiskey, Im feeling tipsy
Tell me baby what it do
Im just tryna make a move
Shooting shots because your shot ain't finna shoot for you
I've been bored since level two
Patience waining Im already craving something new
Baby, thats just how I move
They say life is short but who's wrong
If I choose to put my paws on
Everything and everyone I ever want
Fulfill my cravings before I'm gone
They catching feelings in here
Inhale and then let it breathe
Nothing but real ones in here
You know it be what it be
Catch it and give it away yeah
Im making waves yeah
Im on my way only live for the day yeah
Making my way yeah
No Tylenol talking
Don't give me no pain yeah
Ain't come here to play yeah
I want what I need or just move out my way yeah
Got nothin' else to say yeah
On my Bill Murray shit rollin' 'round solo
No longer feel so low
Pour some Hibiki to top of my Solo
Some drinks and I go home
Im just tryna write for me yeah
Im just tryna ride the beat yeah
Im just tryna live for me yeah
Im just tryna live for me

Writers: Rutherford Allison

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