P carter - Heartbreak poetry

They hate the fact that I really love ghosting
But I just like to disappear & refocus
I can never fall off in case you were hoping
All them setbacks made me feel like I'm chosen
Trade me away, I'll bounce back like DeRozan
Yeah, I'm tryna' move on in case you haven't noticed
Pain in my chest like a new strain of COVID
But all I ever needed was one chance
Shout Drake, but I don't need one dance
I just need you again
Shit went south, It don't really make sense
It don't really make sense
Me & you hit the end
Girl I still don't know, was it me or your friends?
Me & you both know that I'm realer than them
I don't need to pretend
What's the point of being friends if we can't make amends?
You don't respect me enough to tell me who the fuck he is
All them signals you sent, I would play 'em like a quiz
Friends told me you're fake, I was quick to dismiss
All the love that you hate is all the pain that you bring
And if you ever need help
It's a new year and I'm onto better things
How could I be a GOAT when I grew up around snakes?
I'mma always be the real in a room full of fake
One eye on my phone in case you call me again
I'mma CLB and its my mind that you race
(My heart)
It's my heart that you played
(Played me)
Played me like a game
(I had to forfeit)
Make sure that I changed
(Because you weren't for me)
I started using my brain
And I'm done
I'm done

Writers: P Carter

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