R.b.f. kell - R.b.f. kell mobbi (feat. neph n.l.)

You ain't fuckin with the gang nigga
We on't switch we the same niggas
Better aim with us if you ever wanna hang with us
It get dangerous boy you hanging with sum gang members
This the mobbI
They can't see the vision so they copy
Chillin with my dawg right beside me
Bro is you my dawg he said mobbi
Know I'm rockin wit my dawg till they drop me

Onna chase dare a nigga try and stop me
I ain't mad I'm just saying bro nem really slidin nigga
I'm dedicated Iont leave without my glocky
Told beez I be rich by the time dem niggas find me nigga
My potna crossed me he ain't even know I seen it
Hope dat pussy hate me when I'm rich and I mean it
I'm racing hitting corners in the stang tryna bend it
Love Jesus but I'm smashing in a demon
They like dawg kell why you kill em for no reason
Them shell catchers ran into em left em bleeding
G slime sick she gone blow me like she sneezing
I'm tryna say cheese dawg I got dis bitch cheesing
Smoking moon rock medication got me dreaming
Dis shit mobbi on me blood ties got me bleeding
Bet dem fed boys right behind me cuz I'm speeding
I creep down on em hit the gas then I leave em

Writers: Delvaun Hanks

Lyrics © DistroKid

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