K-otic - Scream and bleed

K-otic – scream and bleed

it's not easy, facing reality
when your dreams has flown away
oh baby it gets hard to see
that you're not here to stay

the radio is only playing love songs
t.v. only gives me bad news

it makes me scream and bleed
and all the sadness comes together
scream and bleed
everything starts to matter, when you're gone

they say that time will heal the pain
and there's no need for those tears
but I think by the time I got insane
and all the good things changed in fears

there's no bigger misery than lonelyness
and the memory is staint on my heart


ever since you're gone the world looks grey
everything I believe is blown away
there's no need in this pain
everything I do just seems to vain


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