K-otic - Cryin'

If I never get to do things my way
You will never get to know me more than this
When I can't
Live out my life
It's almost like you want me to lose
Everything I am and want to be
You are ok
But it's just not me

Then she says
Don't waste my time
When in fact
She's wasting mine

I don't like your crying
When you say you understand
I bet you're lying
It's like I see it in your eyes
Cause everytime I am on a roll
You turn me down
Now I am the one who is crying
You are always on my way
When I'm trying
Oh you make me weak

Now I am felling like a plane
Without wings
Standing on the runway
Want to fly
The skies
I have never flown before

I know you think you stand beside me
The thing is that you don't help out all
No no
You make things up


If you look inside
You'll find the answer why I do
Things you just can't find, do right
I will never hide
Never satisfied until you see me as the saint I am


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