K-otic - Burnin'

I don't think I know you
don't think I ever will
Am I in love with you?
well I don't know still
It may sound strange but I'm warning you
I may not be that nice
Maybe baby I'm a heartbreaker
heartbreaker, heart of ice

But I'm burnin', burnin'
cause you set my soul on fire
Girl I don't know what I'll do
Cause I'm burnin', I'm burnin'
I'm burnin' with desire
Yes I'm burnin'
and it's all because of you.

We can't be together
You're not that kind of a guy
I'll be gone and lost forever
and you won't know why
Don't get me wrong
I'm only warning you
You'll be on your own
Maybe baby, I'm a heartbreaker
heartbreaker, heart of stone

chorus (2x)

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