T-bo davip - Heart of the souf

Skrt Skrt Skrt
Soufside yea
Yea soufside
Skrt Skrt
They don't want you to have it so go out and get it
Had to stack up that paper I ain't look for no pity
You just been hating ya whole life
And wonder why to steady broke in that same position
Better not run from no man
Better stand on your ten better handle the business
Having them bankrolls in bundles
That money get long as extensions dat 40 extended
Still on the Nat by the Kilroy's we pull up u know u can get it
Drop me yo addy yo block we gon spin it
Niggas ain't having no heart like the Tinman these Niggas be timid
Rather go boss and get me a bag before I chase one of these bitches
When I was fucked up and down on my last man
These golden diggin hoes didnt pay no attention
Niggas gone hate cuz you balling they still in the bleachers
They can't even play yo position
Fuck Nigga livid they see how we living
Just left outta Lenox to Prada my vision
This shit gettin serious yea they look at me sideways
Now I need sum water that get wet like the rain but nun of it cloudy
I need a Audi I-85 in the driveway
Just to go smash in that bitch in the highway
Skrt skrt skrt skrt
Step on these Niggas like alphas kappas omegas and shit
We was made for this shit
Keep one eye open like a raider and shit
Cuz niggas be hating and shit
And most of these hoes be foul like a flagrant and shit
Keep the cape we ain't saving these bitches
No we didn't have a dollar we came from the bottom
Now we on the way to these riches
We on the way to these riches
We on the way to these riches yea
I'm getting richer my wrist need a Richard
You gotta look at the picture these niggas be around but ain't really witcha
You kno the streets show no love these niggas be fake my heart cold as blizzard
I'm trying to fast forward the frisker
We having fn on fn on Fns
And we keep a pole like theses strippers
I'm swerving whipping this bitch wit my left hand
While I roll down on her zipper
My shit is official it came from the plug
We don't fuck wit the mans in the middle (On God)
How the fuck do these niggas go big on big when these lil boys to little
Soufside soufside Soufside

Writers: Terrance Beauford

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