Lillian axe - Ghost of winter

As I lie awake
All the memories of my life
Seem to come and fade
Wakes me in the dead of night
Am I slipping away?
Is my memory leaving me?
When it's cold and dark
Ghost of winter comes to me

Look at me
I'm eternal thought
It's a shame but we must part
It's just a dream
It's just a dream

Dreams that seem so real
Granny tells me it's okay
Won't you try to sleep
You'll wake up to a brand new day
Tears to wake the dead
Tell them it's not all in vain
Since the dawn of man
Think how many felt the rain

It's far from what you know
But now I have to go
It's just a dream
It's just a dream

In the world darkness follows me
Hiding out in places I can't see
I'll tell you one thing
I'll never change my ways
Fly high


I can't distinguish reality from dream
Ghost of winter won't you hear my silent scream?

Ghost of winter hear my silent scream?
Ghost of winter return me to my dream


You've showed me one thing
I've never ever seen
So take me back there
I've got to have my dream

Oh, Ghost of Winter
Hear my silent scream
Fly high

(Ghost of Winter take me back to my dream)
(Come to me come to me hear me scream)



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