M.a.f.i.a_za - Dear lifa

This for the younger me that's listening
It's the older you thinking bout life and remincing
Thinking bout' our innocence and how we were so privileged
It's over now
It's time to get yo head off momma's shoulders now
It's time to think bout' your career and how you'll hold it down
You gon' feel misunderstood, listening to these older clowns
They gon' say they tryna' help you, they tryna' control you sound
Cause' they see something in you that you just don't see in you now
I know it's looking impossible, but you'll make momma proud
You gon' drop an album, get some fans and get a couple crowds
Everybody calling you the man, but you a fucking child
All this popularity gonna' give you alotta' pride
But it's the pride that killed you
You gon' turn into a bitch, and then forget the real you
Nowadays they call you Mafia, not Lifalethu
And words cannot explain all the shit that we have been through
But it's okay I'll be there by your side
Everytime you sit and cry
Everytime you looking for the rope because you wanna die
Everytime you hate yourself because your life is full of lies
It's okay, it's alright boy you gonna be just fine
And as for parents sometimes they'll hate you, just give em time
You ain't got to focus on the other things, stick to your rhymes
Soon you're gonna realize
That you got a talent, rappin' bout' the shit that happens in your stupid life
Even though your music sad, it makes some people feel alright
Cause' they be relating to the shit that you spit mic
Man you got a platform in your hands, I hope you use right
Advocate for the mental health, but yours is way below the pipes
You gon try to end your life a couple times, more then twice
Suffer through depression, unmedicated and lose your mind
Lose all your escapes and the only option is fucking die
Even though you wanna leave, she's still gonna keep you alive
Who is she? I won't tell you
You gonna find out yourself
Even though you love each other, you still bring each other hell
Even if she never takes you back, you better wish her well
Cause' if she wasn't there, you'd be inside the ground like wishing wells

At the end of the day Lifa, you're gonna make mistakes
You're gonna trust the wrong people
You're gonna cut off the wrong people
You're gonna' make some very stupid and regrettable mistakes
You're gonna' lie at situations where you didn't have to lie
But it's all part of growing up...
It's all about fixing the mistakes, to be better
Change is growth, and in this world you gotta' grow
I believe in you, and everything is gonna' be okay, I promise

Writers: Lifa Maluleke

Lyrics © DistroKid

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