Lil' Flip - 8 Rulez
Overige artiesten: Shasta

1 - Never let a nigga know yo business
2 - Always start what you finish
3 - Stay on yo note don't slip
4 - Be careful cause these streets are a trip
5 - Always keep a glock in yo whip
6 - Real niggaz stick to the script
7 - Don't slang crack where you stay
8 - Just don't do it okay

[Lil' Flip]
In my hood all you see is dope fiends and dope dealers
Rats and roaches police and 4 wheelers
Metro's gun shots liquor sto's
30-year-old men chillin drinkin Michelob
Stop signs but don't nobody ever stop
Theres ten groups in my hood but don't nobody drop
Plus the block is hot, and this dope game cold
Through rain sleet or snow birds gotta get sold

Birds get sold, I stand and watch the game unfold
thang get thowed, I teach the grain get gain and blowed
Exchange the dough
Leave the scene wit no clue
4 wheels gotta remember dont break the rules
use your tool
(Its kinda like you move you loose)
If you don't fuck wit me I aint fuckin wit you

[Lil' Flip]
Respect the game 'til you see my weapons aim
Nigga I aint a rookie I'm a veteran mayne


[Lil' Flip]
Hustle for yo whip, stack benjamins
Buy a cookie cut it whip it ship it then im in the wind
Back to home base, I'm on a paper chase
I'm not a case catcher so I can't catch a case
Money on my mind, and how am I gonna get it
I dress like I'm broke but I'm really running the city
Bricks turn into crumbs, gallons turn into one
Drugs buyin, distributin
Narcotics using guns
Money, cash, hoes, swangin gas full
If you don't pay the bills man thats all I know
Hustlers never sleep and sleepers never hustle
Down the interstate with a brick in my muffler
Keep it on the low cause niggas be snitchin
They'll do anything so they won't see prison
Man you never know yo brother can be a snitch
A month later undercovers checkin yo piss
I'm off the block, somebody better call the cops
I'm haulin rocks somebody better call the docks
I'm shippin and handlin, when I'm not, chickens dismantle it
The family don't feed me I feed the family


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