Lil' flip - Dem boyz
Overige artiesten: Skillz1

[Chorus: Repeat 2x]
Is it cause dem boyz is out there shinin (shinin)
Maybe cause dem boyz is out there grindin (grindin)
Platinum pieces with canari diamonds (diamonds)
But haters they talkin but never mind them (never mind them)

[Verse 1: Lil' Flip]
Well I'm back up in yo' ear once again cause I run this shit
And I want rap about it unless I done that shit
We catchin flights to Vegas, we stay away from haters
We always chasin'paper-we ballin like The Lakers
We stepping out in our gators, nothin but pimps and players
All my close taylor plus I got hoes that at bayla
I'm like Popeye the sailor 'cause I smoke me spinach
And when my Benz pass by they be like "I hope he in it"
They know my shit ain't rented (why?) cause I got two
Yeah I got blue diamonds but these yellow rocks fool

[Chorus: Repeat 2x]

[Verse 2: Lil' Flip]
I got bagguetes in the middle of my chain
H2 in the middle of the lane-doin donuts in the middle of the rain
If you in a wreck can I get alittle brain
I ain't gotta spend a thing for me to hit ya dame
I smoke so much dro hoe I might forget yo name
Stop (wheels screech) don't make me cock it, and pop it
And reload quick I'm like Bone Crusher I ain't never scared bitch!
I'm into making bread bitch and ridin candy red shit
I'm doin this for Pimp C and my nigga Head bitch
'Cause when the feds hit I don't wanna be around
I'm a be real with you I don't wanna be in town
'Cause when I'm on the road I'm gettin more dough
I'm gettin unreleased Jordans straight from Tokoyo

[Chorus: Repeat 2x]

[Verse 3: Lil' Flip]
Whenever I'm buyin (ice) I'm like fuck the (price)
'Cause no matter how much I spend Johnny gon'have me (right)
Johnny gon'have me (right), yellas mixed with (white)
Yo chain shinin in the day but look at mine when it's night
You see the differance in the rocks they look like blocks
Red, white, and blue diamonds got me lookin like the cops
(Sirens) everybody pullin over cause they think they gettin stopped
Oh mybad that's my chain and my mothafuckin watch

[Lil' Flip]
Heh that's how we doin it man, Lil' Flipper
Play-N-Skillz on the track this that shit that make niggaz bounce
If you in a drop top make that mothafucker bounce
Stick ya mothafuckin pinky ring out the window cause
(shinin) southside, (grindin)northside, (diamonds)eastside
(never mind them) westside Haha that's how we do it man
Lil' Flipper underground legend U Gotta Feel Me, U Gotta Feel Me
I ain't fuck off my budget U Gotta Feel Me Haha
WOOOOO!, yeah ya'll buyin them ol'high ass tracks
I'm like fuck it shit I ain't settlin I'll fuck wit Play-N-Skillz haha bitch bitch

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