Lil' Flip - Sun Don't Shine

i thank god every day
for paving the way
cuz he made me who i am today
a young, entropanure with amazning talent
in order to be the best you must take the challange
im trying to be number one cause number 2 dont matter
people try to pull you down when you climb the ladder
niggas hate to see you up but they love it when you down
thats why im always quiet when i come around
cuz talk is cheep thats why i rap
im getting NBA money with no salary cap
mama it feel good put money in your mail box
thats for my niggas locked up in the cell blocks

the sun dont shine thats why i spit these rhymes, to ease my mind
[for real i gotta get away]
the sun dont shine thats why i sipt these rhymes, to ease my mind
[for real i gotta get away]

in life you go through joy and pain
and when somebody close dies it gives you a migrane
a whole lotta stress a whole lotta tears
days turn into nights, nights turn into years
im not happy here, i want another aptmosphere
i gotta get away just to get my mind clear
thats why i smoke so much it releaves my stress
just imagine every day i gotta wear my vest
i gotta watch my back, cause niggas pop the jet
when your cds movin like crack, you feel that

If i die today shit i live my life,
if i could do it again, i'd do it twice
no more movin white
or shootin dice, or creepin late night tryin to screw your wife
cause im a changed man, with a heart of a lion
even if i was a midget i'd fight a giant,
i never give up, im from the home of the brave
im still ballin like pac from the cradle to the grave


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