Laurelyn Carter - A Love Like That

I don't care if it cuts like a knife
Or I cry til I'm dry as a bone
I don't care if it tears up life
Leaves me bare and alone
I wanna feel it all
The flying and the fall
And when I have the chance again
I'll love the only way I can

Like the earth longs for the sun
Like wild horses have to run
Like the feeling I've fallen so hard
That'd you give your whole heart
And when you know you might not get it back
I want a love like that

I keep the door to my heart wide open
Though sometimes a cold wind blows in
And somehow I'll keep my faith and love going
That's just how I choose to live
Cause I believe I'll find
My soul in someone elses eyes
And I won't give up on that
Until somebody loves me back


Like a river rages on
To the sea where it belongs


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