Fans of the dark - The ghost of canterville

The Ghost of Canterville

I decided long ago
That I would never set my foot in there
Something strange is going on
The Americans, they don't seem to care

Footsteps in the night
Candles burning bright
They're coming to take you away

Sir Simon, Sir Simon, I bid you farewell
You suffered so long in your cell
Sir Simon, Sir Simon, God save your soul
You did wrong, but in your heart you meant well
And so one night of wintery chill
You became the ghost of Canterville

The bloodstain never disappears
His spirit is still wandering around
Planning mischief, spreading fear
Longing so to rest in holy ground

Virginia is gone
She swore she would cry for his sins
Before the angel of death
She's risking her own soul for his

Writers: Freddie Allen

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