Laakso - In My Blood

I´ve got a thing for self destruction
since I found out my dysfunctions,
werw what made us part,
you and me.
I´ve got thing for major crises.
Total fuck ups are
what my life is alla about
since I made you leave.

It´s in my blood, being mean...

Yea, please, yes please.
Sure I´ll have it
More please, more please.
It´s a habit that I´ve worked out
to sort things out.
Burning, burning I deserve it.
I deserve to face the fire
pure shite and clean,
the opposite of me.

It´s in my blood, meing mean...

Wondering around further down
asking why I wasn´t happy
while we still had it.
It´s a tragic habit that I have,
that I happen to have.

It´s in my blood being mean..

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